The science world is buzzing about the new Earth-like planet discovered Monday.

The planet, Kepler 22b, is more than twice the size of Earth and circles a star that is supposedly similar in size and warmth to our solar system’s sun. What has NASA nerds so interested in the planet, however, is the 72-degree average temperature.

This is in the “habitable” zone, which makes it, as many reports say, a “Goldilocks” planet. It’s neither too hot nor too cold for humans to survive—and it’s also not a thieving little blond girl.

The planet received its name because the Kepler space telescope discovery team, which operates out of NASA’s Ames Research Center at Moffett Field, discovered it. The planet is thought to consist of mainly rock and water and gases, but considering it is 600 light years away from Earth, no one can say just how livable Kepler 22b really is at this point.

For now, we’ll just assume Kepler 22b is pretty much the same as Silicon Valley because San Jose boasts a similar annual average temperature of 73 degrees. Yep, almost exactly the same.

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