In a testament to the storied past of the history of San Jose soccer, “City of Champions: 2001, a San Jose Soccer Odyssey” is currently on display in the concourse of the San Jose City Hall Council Chambers.

A collaboration of efforts from city officials, San Jose’s soccer teams and the fans themselves, “City of Champions” is on display through February at City Hall, shedding light on everything from San Jose’s earliest soccer teams to the San Jose Earthquake’s latest achievements. The exhibition puts a special focus on 2001, when San Jose earned the title of being the only city where both the men’s and women’s pro teams finished tas champions of their respective leagues. 

The exhibit stretches across a long hallway in the City Hall concourse, creating a sort of interactive timeline where viewers can really take in a full glimpse at a sport that has long since cemented its legacy into the history of the city.

Fans have been one of the primary sources for the exhibits content, amassing thousands of items over the years in an effort to get the project off the ground, creating a true soccer fanatic’s vision, for the fans and by the fans. 

The exhibit features a wide array of sports paraphernalia, ranging from vintage era jerseys to significant trophies and the occasional cleat. Although numerous, the items on display all have a specific significance to the history of San Jose soccer, creating a truly engaging exhibit that touches base with several different eras of soccer history but still sends a cohesive message about the underlying importance of the game and its cultural significance in San Jose.

In addition to being a comprehensive look at the history of San Jose soccer, the “City of Champions” exhibit also serves as a call-to-arms for support for the building of the San Jose Earthquakes new soccer stadium, with the exhibit ending with a plea to begin construction so the team can properly utilize a more fitting facility for their professional sports club.