Heading to San Jose with a handful of phrases such as “flexible orchestral ensemble,” “symphonic quartet” and “scenography” in-tow, Quatuor de Bordeaux, a string quartet featuring Stephane Rougier (violin), Cecile Rouviere (violin), Tasso Adamppoulos (viola) and Etienne Peclard (cello), promises to provide audiences with a unique, multi-sensory, musical experience.

As part of France’s celebrated Le Khloros Concert; a large and diverse ensemble with the vision and flexibility to transform into an unlimited number of orchestral arrangements, the quartet is touring a program entitled Creation, comprised of two pieces composed by Khloros founder Odile Perceau. Both pieces are making their California debuts in San Jose. The first piece is “Quatuor Garonne,” a symphonic quartet for strings; the second is “Partitas Romanes” for violin and cello, featuring scenography by Alain Verniau.

In addition to its performance at San Jose’s California Theatre on October 18, the Quatuor de Bordeaux is appearing in New York, San Francisco, Munich, Beijing, Wuhan, Canton, Hong Kong, Vicenza and Athens during their 2011-2012 season.

Presented by the French American Cultural Society (FACS), Creation provides an opportunity to share with local audiences, contemporary French musical culture.

“We wanted to reach out to the the population in San Jose,” says Sophie Suberville, Executive Director of the FACS-San Francisco. “When we live over here, we tend to forget that the South Bay exists. But there is, in San Jose, a real cultural buzz; with San Jose Jazz and the Museum of Art… we wanted to reach out to the South Bay.”

Holding a vision to promote exchanges between France and other French-speaking countries and the U.S., the FACS presents films, musical events, museum shows, educational opportunities and more. They also hold fundraising events to encourage and support community-building and outreach. For more information visit www.facs-sf.org.

Quatuor de Bordeaux performs Creation at the California Theatre in San Jose on October 18. Admission is free, but reservations are required.

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