(France; 90 min.) Isabelle Huppert delightfully plays against type as Babou, France’s oldest living teenager, who went on a road trip during the ‘70s and never quite came back. Her bourgeois daughter, Esmerelda (Huppert’s real-life daughter, Lolita Chammah), is embarrassed by her mother’s impulsive ways. When the daughter gets engaged, she tells her fiancee’s family that her mother is unavailable in another hemisphere. “I’m a grown woman,” responds Babou. “I can say I’m broke and irresponsible.” To prove her worth, Babou gets a job along the Belgian coast and takes a young lover. The film is at once a star turn for Huppert, an autobiography for a daughter and a mother with a “strong personality,” and commentary on the tab someone else pays for free-spiritedness—while not apologizing for the irrepressible. (DH)

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