With the football season now in full swing, sports fans are happier than ever. Since the Bay Area happens to be the home of several major league sports teams (and maybe an NFL team soon), there is no shortage of sports bars, each with their own specials and promotions that cater to all fans. Here are some of the best places to grab a couple of cold ones with the buds and root for your favorite team.

Britannia Arms
If you live in San Jose, chances are you’ve heard of Brittannia Arms, and for good reason. Because it is within walking distance of the HP Pavilion, Britannia Arms has become a favorite for Sharks fans. But with its amazing Happy Hour deals and wide screen TVs, this is a great place for the hardcore football fan.

San Jose Bar & Grill
For those looking for a mellower place to catch the game, there’s the San Jose Bar & Grill. With its intimate lounge atmosphere and culinary delights, the San Jose Bar & Grill is a must for those looking to relax and get loose. The Sunday Ticket in High Definition, with all games all day and killer beer specials, is what will really attracts football fans this season.

Yard House
Its swanky Santana Row location makes the Yard House a hip place for anyone wanting to check out a classy joint for great service and great food. However, as any football fan will tell you, no sports bar is complete without a wide selection of beer and finger foods, which is exactly what the Yard House is known for.

The Blue Chip
The Blue Chip may have a more family-friendly vibe to it, but that doesn’t detract from the game day festivities. This is a great location for any sports event, especially during the football season, with its full bar and wide selection of appetizers. And don’t pass on the sweet Happy Hour specials.

While mostly known for their Hellfire Challenge, SmokeEaters is a football fan’s heaven, boasting “hot food, cold beer, great sports.” And what goes great with a football game? Hot wings! SmokeEaters has the widest selections of hot wings, sauces and other finger foods to spice up any football game experience. And don’t forget to cool off with one of their cold beers always on tap.