With iPods, internet radio and high-definition radio stations dominating the way we listen to music, there are those out there who would argue that nothing beats the analog sound of good old-fashioned vinyl. Luckily, for those that are still listening to the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack LP or those that are curious about why those big, round vinyl discs are still being made, the San Jose area is home to several stores that offer a wide variety of records, from the popular to the obscure.

1. Rasputin Music
Most people know Rasputin Music as a cool place to buy used CD’s, DVD’s and the like, but they also have a stellar selection of used vinyl records.

2. Big Al’s Record Barn
Without a doubt, one of the best places to buy vinyl records anywhere. The low-key, rustic setting adds to the atmosphere of this little gem with a huge selection of vinyl records from nearly every genre.

3. On The Corner Music
A great place for vinyl enthusiasts, On The Corner Music hosts the occasional “record party” with a small-town community vibe.

4. The Analog Room
The Analog Room sells rare and current vinyl releases from around the world, but also specializes in stereo equipment for the analog hobbyist crowd.

5. Streetlight Records
Streetlight Records is similar to Rasputin but they also regularly book live, in-store shows with local and touring acts. Plus the shop is located only blocks away from Rasputin for added convenience.