With many of the world’s tech innovators based in Silicon Valley, it’s no surprise that San Jose is a hub for for video games, a favorite techie past time.

Whether its old-school favorites like classic 2D scrollers and RPGs or the latest Halo and Call of Duty releases, San Jose has options. Here are five of our favorites.

Game World
Game World is a great source for old gaming consoles—original Nintendo, Sega and Playstation systems—or even old games. The store offers trades for old games with reasonable deals.

Space Cat 
Located in the Burbank neighborhood, Space Cat has a great selection of video games. This store is also a hub for collectables with action figures, comics, trading cards—perfect for gamers who need a break from the action.

Nikaku Animart
In Japantown, Nikaku Animart makes up for a small selection with hard-to-find imported games from Japan, mainly for Playstation, Sega and PC. The games are expensive, but they’re collectibles. The store iss also full of anime, manga and Japanese arts and crafts.

The national standard for video games, many are already familiar with Gamestop, one of the last national video game retailers. This store has it all, from the latest games to older titles and budget-friendly used games. Most of the time, the employees here can be very helpful in picking out new games.

Though more well known for its deals on DVDs and CDs, Rasputin’s also features a video-game section. It’s small, but if one looks hard enough, there are some precious gems that are not likely to be found in more popular game stores.