Billed as “a fun-filled, nostalgic revue that tracks five groovy gals coming of age during the liberating days that made England swing,” SHOUT! the Mod Musical, which runs August 26-September 18 at the Retro Dome in San Jose, is a theatrical celebration of the music, styles, mindsets and personalities of 1960s England. Centered around five very different young women of the time, the show explores each woman’s views on career, family, love, home, society and themselves in hip-swinging, smashing style.

There’s the career-minded “red girl” who is frustrated by the lack of opportunities, the “orange girl” who wants to be the perfect wife and have perfect children, the “green girl” who is still playing the field, the reserved, privileged “blue girl” and the transplanted American “yellow girl” who is intent on living life to its fullest. Between the five of them, the inner-workings of a time and place are revealed.

An off-Broadway-gone-international success, SHOUT! is built around hit songs by artists such as Dusty Springfield, Petula Clark and Lulu and is a high-energy flashback described as “Sex and the City meets Laugh-In.” It’s also a tongue-in-cheek nod to the advertising, advice columns and articles of the time. Covering the entire decade, the production is what SHOUT! co-producer, choreographer and performer Shannon Guggenheim calls a “funny, sweet, sad and poignant” tribute to an unforgettable time.

“What I love about the show is that even though it is dated, it is completely timeless,” she says. “You can still dance to it and appreciate the music. And even though the lyrics are sickly sweet, teenagers today still swoon over the latest boy.”

Spanning 10 years, SHOUT! also shines a light on the idealism of youth and the sometimes harsh reality that things don’t always work out as planned.

“You can experience the decade with these five women and you can learn from these women,” says Guggenheim. “[SHOUT!] is really an anthem. It’s the soundtrack to the life of more than half of our population.”

Now in its second year at the Retro Dome, which Guggenheim co-owns with her husband/director Scott and describes as “like stepping back in time,” SHOUT! promises to bring the colorful, fabulous and groovy ‘60s back to town in fine style. Last year’s production was met with rave reviews and received a standing ovation at every performance.

“When you come, you’re going to have a good time because it’s going to be good,” says Guggenehim, noting the theatre’s reputation for professional-quality productions. “People are clambering for that idea that you can go home again, and we offer that.”

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