First a boast. In a recent game of Scrabble, I used up all my letters by placing the word PITHIEST on two triple word scores. Total score for word: 194 points, including the 50 bonus points for using up all my letters. Unfortunately, I was playing against a computer, so there were no eye-witnesses to this historical feat (unlike an equally remarkable backgammon win about 15 years ago, where I made everyone who saw it sign an affidavit).

That may all change soon. Zynga has brought out its own version of Scrabble for Facebook called “Words with Friends.”  It’s not quite a farm or a gang of brooding Mafiosi, but it’s bound to have some appeal. Their version is a two-player game where players can challenge their Best Facebook Friends to a contest of wits by placing words vertically and horizontally on a virtual board.

The game was originally designed for smart phones, but has since made the leap to the big screen and can now be played on laptops and desktops. It is the first time that a game has made that transition. The game will connect with the mobile version, so users who get called away can continue playing on the go.

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