Forget about the Mafia. Forget about growing turnips. Facebook has an exciting new social game, and in this one players can use their powers to bring an ancient empire to its knees and mold a ragtag bunch of slaves into a nation. True, they should have waited until Passover to release it, but the new game, called “Journey of Moses” can be played anytime, and it takes less than forty years to win.

The game, which revisits the life of Moses, was produced by Hexify, a Mountain View-based company that has already created two other Facebook games: Legend Hunter and Treasure Legend. Players follow Moses’ life and set out on quests to help them fulfill their ultimate mission. Throughout the game they are also treated to a sprinkling of biblical quotes from both the Old and New Testaments (but not the Qur’an, where Moses is known as Musa).

The game is one of very few available today that caters to a fundamentalist Christian audience, though Hexify believes that it will appeal to a larger audience too.

“It’s an adventure quest game, a map exploration game, a little bit like Zelda merged with the Moses story,” says Hexify’s Brent Dusing. It also opens the door for other Bible based games, like World of Jonahcraft (a quest inside the belly of a fish) or a new approach to Tomb Raider where players have to resurrect the dead. As for New Testament stories, reliving Paul’s journeys could be a hit, though it would have to end with martyrdom.

Which raises an important question about the Journey of Moses. In the biblical account, Moses died before he entered the Promised Land. Does this mean that the player has to die in order to win?

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