Cue the Don Henley: “I can feel it in the air. The summer’s out of reach.” Well, almost. We’re in August already. Summer is ticking away, and those buzzkiller back-to-school sales are here again. There are a few weeks left to savor the big, ripe flavors of the season. Food and eating out outside are what define summer for me. Here are my picks for savoring the last bites of summer. 

SteakOut: Hamburgers are the quintessential food of summer. Mountain View’s new SteakOut not only serves a great burger served on what may be the best bun around, but the meat is sourced from Morris Grassfed in San Juan Bautista and grassfed beef in Sonoma County. Fast food that’s good for you and the environment? It’s all true. 383 Castro St., Mountain View; 650.209.0383.

Real Ice Cream at Bangalore Cafe: Bangalore Cafe is the home of Real Ice Cream, purveyor of supremely delicious Indian ice cream and kufli. Cheap and delicious Indian food plus thick and rich (but egg-free) ice cream. You can do no better. 3077 El Camino, Santa Clara; 408.984.6601.

Naeng myun (chilled Korean noodles): This is one of my favorite summer treats—chilled buckwheat noodles in an icy beef broth. There are several places to get them along El Camino Real in Santa Clara. Norbu (3284 El Camino Real; 408.615.1723) is one of my faves. It’s best to wait for a really hot day to get the full of effect.

Andy’s Orchard: If you’ve never made the trip down to Morgan Hill to Andy’s Orchard you’ve been denying yourselves not only a taste of some delicious peaches, plums and apricots, but a stroll through the country’s premier heirloom stonefruit orchards. And the time to enjoy the fruits of summer is now. 1615 Half Road, Morgan Hill; 408.782.7600.

Farmers markets: Silicon Valley is blessed with scores of farmers markets. Late summer is the absolute peak of the season. While the cool spring and cooler-than-usual summer has delayed some fruit and vegetables, the markets are brimming with late summer crops.

Homegrown tomatoes: The best of all summer pleasures is a homegrown tomato, the kind you grow yourself. I like them cut into thick slices and sprinkled with salt. I eat them over the sink as I look out the kitchen window at the green tomato vines slowly, but surely fading with the long days of summer.

Hello, Frascati
San Jose’s Caffe Trieste has been reborn as Cafe Frascati. The name comes from a hill town near Rome where owner Roger Springall spent time and was inspired by Italian food and culture. The name also reflects the fact that it is no longer a franchise of the San Francisco–based Caffe Trieste. Springall will still serve Caffe Trieste coffee but may serve other brands as well. Along with the name change, look for new branding and colors as well as a lounge-ier upstairs mezzanine.