Sara Cole, 48, was confronted in court by the seventeen-year-old boy with whom, police believe, she had sexual relations.  She had previously denied having sex with the boy, who is best friends with one of her sons, and insisted that they “intimate relations” only. In his testimony before the court, however, the boy claimed that he had sex with Cole several dozen times, including on the day that his parents sent him to boarding school.

The relationship, claimed the boy, was far from idyllic. She used food, cigarettes, and even marijuana to get him to have sex with her, and on one occasion even drove him to a dealer to get pot. Though she promised to wait for him, she ended up leaving him there when she found a text message from the boy’s girlfriend. The boy also testified that on one occasion she blocked his calls and texts, though that hardly put an end to the relationship. The two of them exchanged 5,413 texts and 863 phone calls in the course of just seven months.

Cole’s lawyer claims that the boy is lying about the extent of the relationship, and questioned him about other lies he told to his parents. He also brought up the fact that the boy had previously told the police that he only had sex with Cole three or four times, not three or four dozen times as he testified yesterday. The boy defended himself by saying that admitting the full extent of their relationship, “make me look bad and I wanted to save her.”

Sara Cole is expected to testify in her defense later today.

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