One of the pioneering groups of the folk-rock wave that washed over the late-1980s and 90s pop landscape, the Indigo Girls have released nearly 20 albums, they’ve contributed to countless benefit concerts and compilations, and they continue to pack houses, with loyal fans from around the world. The band performs on July 24 at Mountain Winery.

The runaway success of their single “Closer to Fine” off of their self-titled, major label debut introduced the Indigo Girls to a widespread audience and remains a classic of the folk-rock canon.

Songwriters Amy Ray and Ray Saliers, however, are far from one-hit wonders. They are both skilled songwriters who balance themes of love, heartache, simple pleasures and joy against issues such as native rights, LGBTQ equality, prison reform and the environment with grace, insight and wisdom.

Over the last 20 years, they have steadily evolved as musicians, songwriters and arrangers and have contributed greatly to the pop-music landscape with songs such as “Nomads, Indians and Saints,” “Galileo,” “Least Complicated,” “Hammer and a Nail,” “Fill it Up Again,” “Love of our Lives” and many more.

The duo, whose ability to write thoughtful, catchy songs that grow deeper with each listen, is topped only by its ability to weave together subtly brilliant harmonies, has gathered up a legion of die-hard fans. Their concerts are full-tilt sing-alongs where, at any point, they can stop singing and the crowd will carry the song with ease.

Moving beyond the status of being a band into the realm of being a cultural epicenter, Ray and Saliers are torchbearers for harmony, conscious living, justice and equality. Their differences in style, songwriting, subject matter and personality bring to the music a balance of forces; a center-point that remains still while the world around it moves about.

The Indigo Girls perform on Sunday, July 24 at the Mountain Winery.
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