Scott Amendola and Charlie Hunter Duo
For guitarist Charlie Hunter, a regular 6-string guitar is child’s play; he tacks on a seventh and eighth string and simultaneously plays basslines, rhythm and solos. Scott Amendola is equally impressive, marrying a standard drum kit with custom designed electronics, looping machines, pedals and ring modulators. The Stanford Jazz Festival welcomes these X-Men of jazz to the Campbell Recital Hall on Monday night.

Mads Tolling
The GRAMMY-winning jazz violinist and composer Mads Tolling performs at Thea Mediterranean Cuisine in Santana Row on Tuesday night. Originally from Copenhagen, Denmark, Tolling first gained critical acclaim with the Turtle Island Quartet, winning Best Classical Crossover Album in 2006 and 2008. He inherited his passionate drive from his father—they climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro together in 1999.

The Birds
Bird owners are encouraged to BYOB (bring your own bird) to the outdoor screening of The Birds on Post Street between South First and Market on Wednesday night. With 1963 cutting-edge special effects by Disney and a non-traditional score by Herrmann, Sala and Gassmann, Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds was loosely based on Daphne du Maurier’s 1952 novella of the same name. Some of the scenes were shot on location in San Francisco’s Union Square and Bodega Bay but most of the shooting was done on set at Universal in Hollywood.

The English Beat
The English Beat have become perennial favorites at the Music in the Park free outdoor summer concerts. With their founding members split across two continents, the 2 Tone ska revival band known as The Beat in England forked into The English Beat in the States (try not to get confused). Both bands continue to tour throughout their respective geographies.

Bob Saget
After starring as a clean-cut family man in Full House and hosting America’s Funniest Home Videos, it was difficult for Bob Saget not to be typecast in G-rated territory. Then came his explosive cameo in Half Baked, a scene made hilarious simply by playing against his popular television persona. Suddenly the world was introduced to the other, darker side of Bob Saget, the side he had been carefully crafting in his underground stand-up career. Saget goes blue at the San Jose Improv this weekend.