Monster International, which operates the job search website, has announced the launch of BeKnown, a professional social networking platform similar to LinkedIn. The difference, however, is that BeKnown operates on Facebook, and can take advantage of having access to the 700 million people that currently use that site.

As of Monday, Monster users have been able to import their data to Facebook and establish professional networks there, in addition to the social networks that they currently have. There will, however, be a strict division between the two networks. As the site explains, “Your friends-only social communications will never be disclosed on BeKnown.” Similarly, the professional portrait you include on your resume will be different from the photo you choose for your Facebook page.

The social networking site will include more than just a resume. Users will be able to earn endorsements, both as “Stamps of Approval” and more formal “Written Letters,” which function as letters of recommendation. They will also be able to earn a variety of badges, highlighting their professional history, education, endorsements both given and received, and even the scope of their professional network, culminating in the “Epic Connector” badge.

Because of its link to, the site will also assist in job searches by recommending jobs based on skills and experiences, even before users begin a job search. Clicking on an “Apply” button will send an application to the employer with a link to the BeKnown resume.

Though LinkedIn already has 100 million users, Monster has long been a strong presence in the job hunt market. Though its sales and stock price have decreased over the course of the recession, it has shown a 23% increase in revenues in its first quarter of 2011. Its largest competitor for now will be BranchOut, another job search service based on the Facebook platform.

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