Who can forget the Winklevoss twins, the strapping Harvard jocks who sued Mark Zuckerberg for a piece of the Facebook action. The film The Social Network was all about their on-again, off-again relationship with Zuck, whom they claim was hired by them to code their own social networking site ConnectU. Zuckerberg ignored them and went on to create Facebook, the rest is history, including the $65 million that Zuckerberg agreed to pay them as compensation.

But $65 million seems like chump change, now that Facebook is valued in the 11 digit range and Zuckerberg himself is estimated to be worth about $7 billion. So the Twinklevii are at it again, suing Zuckerberg with the claim that the valuation he gave them and on which their settlement was based revolved around some fraudulent numbers.

Could this mean a much anticipated sequel to The Social Network? There certainly is some drama there, and for Zuck fans, poetic justice too. Winkle-one and Winkle-two are also being sued, by the previously unknown Wayne Change. He claims that the crew crew merged their own company with his development company to create the Winklevoss Chang Group, and that part of the agreement was that he would get a share of whatever the boys took from Zuckerberg. He hasn’t received a penny yet, but he’s not giving up.
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