Ever notice how most people with laptops in the movies and TV happen to be using a Mac? It’[s kind of odd when you think about it. Only about 15 percent of households with computers actually use Macs. On the other hand, 30 percent of the top 33 films in the country in 2010 featured Apple products, and the ones that didn’t included Shutter Island (set in 1954—a year before Steve Jobs was born) and Shrek Forever After. It’s all about product placement.

Once again, Apple leads the pack in product placement, beating out rivals like Nike and Dell. In fact, Apple products featured in well over one-third of all top grossing films from 2001 to 2010, beaten only by Ford.

Is it paying off? It seems so. Back in 2001, Apple only had a 9 percent market share, and now it is up to 15 percent. And the brand’s placement is in decline. In 2008, Apple products featured in 20 out of the 41 number one films in the country.

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