Combining the bass and drum-driven aesthetic of roots reggae with an island-style fusion of funk, R&B, jazz, neo-soul and traditional Hawaiian styles, the Green is an on-the-rise, good-time band out to increase positive vibrations around the world.

Hailing from Oahu, Hawaii, the members of the Green (Caleb Keolanui on lead vocals; Ikaika Antone on keyboard and vocals; JP Kennedy on guitar and vocals; Zion Thompson on guitar and vocals; BW on bass; Leslie Ludiazo on drums; Lucas Hom on keyboard) are no strangers to each other or to playing music together. They grew up in the same area, have been long-time friends and have played in numerous bands and musical projects together. With their latest incarnation as the Green however, these guys have catapulted themselves onto the international stage.

Playing shows with big names including Nas, Damien Marley, the Easy Star All-Stars and Rebelution introduced the Green to a new, massive audience and they proved to be a hit in their own right. Their debut album, which has been championed by fans and critics alike, was named one of Billboard’s “Top 10 Reggae Albums of 2010” and was the “Best Reggae Album of 2010” on iTunes; a modern-day marker of the widespread appeal of the band, their music and their message.

Wrapping tight grooves and catchy hooks around conscious lyrics focused on increasing love, awareness and environmental responsibility, this grown-from-seed band carries with it a spirit of unity; a sense that we are all one-people, sharing one-planet. With songs like “What Will Be Will Be,” “Love I,” “Wake Up” and “Love Machine,” the Green makes clear its mission: to remind audiences that life is what we make it and that everyday is an opportunity to spread the love.

The Green performs an all ages show with special guest Fortunate Youth at the Avalon Nightclub on Monday, April 18.

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