If the Bard is correct and “All the world’s a stage,” then parking lots are part of that stage. Perhaps that was the idea behind a series of brief productions by the San Jose State University theater group. Their actors were performing Car Play, six theatrical sketches lasting 10 minutes each, but instead of using an auditorium, they were using a university parking garage. Ibsen be damned. This was realism at its finest.

The problem was that the parkers weren’t all notified. So when one of them saw an actor wielding a gun, they immediately called 911. Very soon the San Jose Police Department was there in force with their weapons drawn. Actors, directors, and even two professors were ordered to put their hands up while real police officers investigated.

Within a few minutes the situation was resolved and the prop gun was surrendered. The show must go on, and it did, but the gun was written out of the script.

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