Police have released a video of the shooting that took place at the Mexicali Club last January. They hope that the video will help them capture two suspects who have eluded them since then. According to police, the shooting, which left three people dead, was part of a well-planned attempt to kidnap one of the club’s owners, Humberto Velasquez Sanchez. Sanchez allegedly owed the gunmen money, possibly for drugs. Two of the gunmen were killed at the scene. The third gunman remains unidentified.

Police Sergeant Jason Dwyer described the scene of the video, saying, “To the rear of the club you have the unidentified subject attempting to kidnap the owner. He’s armed, wearing a green bullet proof vest. He’s able to grab the neck of the owner and drag the owner outside the club.” The owner, Sanchez, was shot outside the club.

The other suspect being sought is the getaway car driver, identified by police as Hector “Mono” Milla, aka Arnaldo Perez Santa. At the time of the shooting, SanJose.com noted that he and the unidentified suspect were believed to be heading to the Mexican border.

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