According to police, the deadly shooting that occurred at Mexicali Club over the weekend was caused by three gunmen trying to enter the club to kidnap one of Mexicali’s owners, Humberto Velasquez Sanchez. Sanchez, who is in the hospital with multiple gunshot wounds, allegedly owed the gunmen money.

Two of the three suspects have been named. They are Antonio Barraza Allon, 31, and Manuel Rodriguez Barraza, 29, both of Salinas. Barraza was found dead the day after the incident in what was believed to be the getaway car. Allon was killed in the club in a firefight with Manuel Morales Mendosa, who died trying to stop the gunmen.

The third, unidentified suspect is believed to have fled the scene with the getaway car driver, identified by police as Hector “Mono” Milla, aka Arnaldo Perez Santa. They are believed to be heading toward the Mexican border.
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