We’re back today with Tuesday March 8ths Cinequest highlights, including the rough cut panel discussion of ‘Cheap Fun’ by Zach Sutherland, Shorts Program 6 and 8, and ‘Marrow’ by Matt Wilkins.

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We’re back today with Tuesday March 8ths Cinequest highlights. Tonight there’s something unusual: a Forum on the Rough Cut starting at 9pm at the San Jose Rep theater. Zach Sutherland, of local favorite indie film Super Hero Party Clown, will be bringing in a rough cut of the latest work by Spartan Film’s titled Cheap Fun. A panel of filmmakers and the audience will suggest how and where the movie ought to be cut.  This is a favorite sport of filmmwatchers, which is why we can also recommend two of the Shorts programs: it’s always harder for a film to go wrong when it’s short. Shorts 6 is at 4:15 at Camera 12. Shorts 8 is 9:15pm, at Camera 12.

I’m interested by Marrow playing at 12:15pm. Director Matt Wilkins follows a woman haunted by her father’s death and her son’s estrangement. Wilkins should know something about obsession because he works on TV’s Hoarders.