Gravity is overrated. If you want to fly, you need Facebook. Just ask the next generation of Britain’s digital astronauts. According to a recent poll, six out of 10 consider the invention of Facebook to be more significant than Newton’s discovery of the laws of gravity over three centuries ago.

The poll, conducted by game manufacturer Electronic Arts Ltd., also listed the “Top Ten ‘World Changers” with some surprising results. At the top of the pack was none other than Bill Gates (of Microsoft, not the Pentagon), followed, of course, by Mark Zuckerberg. Steve Jobs didn’t even make the list. Martin Luther King, Jr. came in third, but he probably would have ranked higher if he had Facebook back then.

The poll was certainly British-centric, since Prime Minister David Cameron came in fourth, while President Barack Obama only warranted the seventh place spot, behind Newton and Edison, but ahead of Darwin and Alexander Graham Bell. Rounding off the list was Albert Einstein, but that’s because the British kids probably never heard of Churchill.

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