Rumors are circulating that Facebook founder and mega-zillionaire Mark Zuckerberg is engaged to longtime girlfriend Priscilla Chan. The rumors have some basis, too. The source of the rumors is none other than Bill Gates, the Microsoft founder whose net worth dwarfs even Zuckerberg’s.

It started as a slip of the tongue. In an interview with the British Daily Mail, Gates described his efforts, together with Warren Buffett, to get other billionaires to donate the bulk of their personal fortunes to charity. One of the first to sign on was Mark Zuckerberg, who, Gates claims, approached him about it, asking for advice.

Gates said, “His fiancée Priscilla thought about education and he gave money to Newark, New Jersey, and we did a co-grant so that some of our people who had some expertise in that field could help him out.”

Perhaps it was a slip of the tongue. On the other hand, Zuckerberg and Chan have been dating since college and they recently bought a $7 million home together. The clincher, however, could be that they bought a puppy together. There are also more subtle clues. Chan, for instance, is a Chinese-American, and Zuckerberg is studying Mandarin. While that is certainly good for business, there may be more to it.

In some ways, Chan is a perfect match for Zuckerberg. She is able to keep the workaholic entrepreneur grounded, and rumors say that there are strict rules for their relationship. One rule demands that he devote one hundred minutes a week to her, neither at the Facebook office or their apartment.

While the rumor has yet to be verified, it does raise some interesting questions. For example, Zuckerberg has recently begun to eat only meat that he himself has killed.

Could that mean that his wedding guests will be eating that meat too?

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