When Apple first launched the iPad, the announcement—and the device itself—was shrouded in secrecy. In London, bookies were taking bets on what Apple’s new product would be. By now, iPad is a household name, but there are still some questions being asked about the new iPad 2, which will be launched today.

The first question on everyone’s mind isn’t even about the device itself but about the launch. Who will be there? Sure, there will be the standard press corps and Apple execs, but will Steve Jobs make a guest appearance? While he has been spotted strolling around the Apple campus, he is officially on a leave of absence, and rumors are swirling about his medical condition.

Then there are the iPad specs. They say it will be thinner, but how much thinner? They say it will be faster, but how much faster? They say it will be cheaper, but how much cheaper? There are also reports that the new iPad will have a camera, but there is some speculation that it will have two cameras, and possibly even a USB port.

There is even a question of when the iPad 3 will be released (possibly September), and whether it’s not worth waiting a bit to see what PC World calls, “super-duper slate that rocks the tablet world.” That is just six months away.

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