(Canada; 80 min.) Michael McNamara’s globe-trotting documentary hop-scotches about visiting various locales to see how people react to the mysteries of darkness. In Greece, rival churchgoers use the darkness as a tapestry for fantastical fireworks displays. In Austin, a naturalist helps people understand why the millions of bats that emerge from under a bridge at sunset are so important in vector control. A memorial to the victims of 9/11 is written in lights on the New York City skyline. Human efforts to fill the evening hours with spectacle have a price—human-made lights are blotting out our view of the Milky Way. The material is fascinating, but the constant jumping from one segment to another caters to very short attention spans. (MSG)

March 4 at 4:45pm, Camera 12; March 6 at 9:15pm; March 10 at 2:15pm, Camera 12