It doesn’t happen often, but every now and then a local kid accomplishes his dreams and reaches the pinnacle of his profession. For James Jones, a Gunderson High and San Jose State graduate, that moment came Sunday in Arlington, Texas.

Jones, a wide receiver for the Green Bay Packers, had five catches for 50 yards in a 31-25 Super Bowl XLV victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers. He is the first Spartan to win a Super Bowl since 2000.

It’s been a long road for Jones, who spent time living in homeless shelters as a kid. He credits his mom and his grandma for putting him in the position he is today and does his best to give back to communities here and in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

While Jones wasn’t the star of Sunday’s game, there is no doubting he was critical to the Packers’ success. And the best part, of course, is every time he is introduced, it won’t be as “NFL receiver James Jones;” it will be “Super Bowl champion James Jones.”

Has a nice ring to it, no?