There have been six murders (seven, when police call the victim of a robbery and stabbing earlier this month an official homicide) in San Jose this year—more than one-third of the grand total for all of 2010. While acting Police Chief Chris Moore Is doing his best to tackle the problem, the city is working as quickly as it can to identify someone to hold the job permanently. Moore is in the running, but there are several other candidates whose names are under wraps. One came out of the wrapper yesterday.

Oakland Police Chief Anthony Batts has been in his current position for little over a year, but in that time he has had to deal with severe budget cuts, a reduced police force, and a tepid relationship with Mayor Jean Quan. It’s not what he bargained for when he accepted the position, and although he had hoped “to make a difference,”  insiders now say that he is feeling micromanaged. That could be why he announced himself as a candidate for the South Bay post.

Some reports claim that Batts applied for the job as early as last October, but it is only now that he has informed his bosses of his decision. Their reactions range from “disappointed” to “mad,” which may make his departure inevitable. While it is not certain that he will get the San Jose job, returning to his Oakland beat if he doesn’t will be more difficult now.
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