Just about everyone loves an iPhone—until they actually have to use it as a phone. The biggest drawback with the iPhone, according to many of its users, was the exclusive contract with AT&T, the lowest-ranked carrier in the country. That may be why so many people chose to use Google’s Android instead—that way they could get a Verizon connection.

That may all change in February. Verizon has announced the new iPhone 4, simply saying, “It begins.” For many people with AT&T contracts, this could mean it ends. Some observers claim that as many as 6 million people could drop their iPhone contracts with AT&T and head over to Verizon. AT&T is fighting back, imposing even more onerous early termination fees.

One big question is how the new Verizon iPhone will affect the sale of Google’s Android. Many people picked the phone because they wanted a Verizon connection. Now that there is an Apple alternative, their popularity could drop, too. In the end, the one company that really benefits from this every which way is Apple.
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