Facebook really kicked it off in Palo Alto way back in 2004. Since then, the company has grown to over 2,000 employees, however, and with a fresh influx of investor money from Goldmann Sachs and Digital Sky, its current home is a tad too small for the growing company. Long the subject of a rumored move, it seems as if the social networking giant will take over Sun Microsystems 57-acre campus in Menlo Park.

The move has yet to be confirmed, but workers at the Sun campus are spilling the beans, even if they are doing it anonymously. “They didn’t want us to tell anybody that it’s Facebook; I don’t know why,” said one employee of SC Builders, who is working on the renovation. The same source says that at least one of the buildings is scheduled to be ready for occupancy by this coming June.

The move, if it goes through, will be an undisputed blow to Palo Alto. Though Facebook does not pay extensive real estate taxes, it does pay business equipment taxes on its mushrooming supply of computers, office furniture, and other equipment. According to one source, that alone is approaching $1 million, which may end up in San Mateo County’s coffers.
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