Mark Zuckerberg was a star this weekend, on the big screen and little screen alike. calls “The Social Network” a “modern masterpiece,” and “more a meditation on right vs. wrong than a chronicle of the birth of Facebook.” Ever-consumed by hype, the site also compares The Social Network to nothing less than “Citizen Kane,” which would mean that Jesse Eisenberg is modern-day version of Orson Welles, but without a “Touch of Evil.”

Facebook can boast of 500 million “friends.” “The Social Network” can boast of 2.3 million viewers in its opening weekend, and revenues of $23 million so far. The film is expected to gross as much as $100 million, but with 500 million Facebook friends, that number seems piddling.

Nor was “The Social Network” the biggest exposure that Zuck got this week. That honor goes, not to Oprah, but to a little girl named Lisa Simpson, who introduced her friend Nelson to the Facebook founder in an effort to get Nelson to stay in school. Lisa asked Zuckerberg to tell Nelson how “education was instrumental to your success,” Zuckerberg admitted that he dropped out of Harvard, but followed up with the line, “I’ll get the best kind of degree—honorary, baby!” and pointed out two other famous dropouts, Bill Gates and Richard Branson. It’s a message he would have hardly shared on Oprah, when he handed her a $100 million check for New Jersey schools, but about seven million people saw it, over 4.5 million more than the film about Zuckerberg’s un-halcyon Harvard days.

So, the question begs to be asked: Is either depiction real?
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