The week began with great news for the people at Google. It is ending with some alarming news for the people over at Yahoo. Reports filtering out suggest that managers have been asked to target 20 percent of their staffs for layoffs. In other words, about 2,500 people could soon find themselves without a job. While Yahoo calls the statement “misleading and inaccurate,” it is refusing any additional comments, calling the reports “rumor and speculation.”

Michael Arrington of TechCrunch suggests that some of the laid off employees may find their jobs outsourced to Bangalore, basing himself on earlier reports that the Yahoo Developer Network was being moved there. He also suggests a pay cut for Carol Bartz, who Business Insider named as “the highest paid of all overpaid CEOs,” citing a report by Glass Lewis. IN 2009 Bartz received $39 million for her work at the troubled company, though most of that was in stock options.

Yahoo shares fell 14 cents on Thursday,, to close at $16.80.
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