The number of people needing help feeding their families this Thanksgiving may be rising, but the number of turkeys available is down at public charities across the county is on the decline. San Jose’s Salvation Army just received a donation of 68 turkeys, but they still have less than half of what they will need for the holiday, now only two weeks away. “It has gotten worse each year,” says Salvation Army Major Richard Larson. Tami Cardenas of Second Harvest Food Bank agrees. “We have seen an 8-percent decline in donations compared to last year, which is scary for us, considering that the need has grown,” he says.

Yet these two groups can consider themselves fortunate, especially as compared to other places around the Bay Area. The Salvation Army in Antioch in the East Bay estimates that it will need about 150 turkeys for Thanksgiving this year. So far, it only has seven. Unless things change rapidly before Thanksgiving, they are going to need a Christmas miracle.
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