Police Chief Rob Davis is about to retire, and says he plans to live out the next few years reading Steinbeck, competing in triathlons, and of course, spending time with his wife and kids. He will have the financial wherewithal to do it, despite all the brouhaha about Proposition V.

Davis is a thirty-year veteran of the SJPD, which means that he is eligible for 90 percent of his salary. With his salary at $230,000, that means he will be taking in about $207,000 a year, not counting a 3 percent annual hike for the cost of living. Assuming that he lives to be at least eighty—and training for the triathlon can help with that—he will be taking in well over $6 million in retirement pay alone. That’s not counting benefits either.  Davis is also ensured lifetime health insurance for himself and his dependents, which comes to several million dollars more.

Some people in the city (we mean you, Raj Jayadev) are happy to see Davis go. Davis’s career as police chief has been beset by considerable controversy, and many claim that the SJPD engaged in racial profiling and overly aggressive actions during his tenure.  On the other hand, many are also worried that the city cannot afford the steep pension costs with its enormous deficit.
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