Just yesterday, SanJose.com reported that the city has the worst roads of any major city in the U.S., and that it would take at least $250 million dollars just to get them fixed. There’s more bad news for San Jose drivers. Because the state budget is stalled in the Legislature, the California Transportation Commission has put $932 million in transportation funding on hold. When added to the $3 billion that it put on hold last month, the total amount of transportation funding for roads and rail that is being delayed across the state amounts to almost $4 billion.

Locally, two major projects are being postponed because of the budget gridlock. San Jose’s Tully Road-101 interchange will not be rebuilt until at least next year, and paving projects on Highway 17 are being similarly delayed. There was, however, some good news too. Even with the deferrals, certain projects were approved, including a future rail extension or express bus service to San Jose’s Eastbridge shopping center.

Carl Guardino, CEO of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, cautioned the Legislature that this is having an enormous impact on Silicon Valley. “Construction crews, like our cars, sit idle.” He pointed out. That can’t be good for the economy.
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