The Palo Alto City Council unanimously voted no confidence in the proposed high speed rail link between San Francisco and Los Angeles, and called on the state and federal government to stop funding the $43 billion project. The vote extended the provisions of a similar vote last week, which called on the governor and State Legislature to pull the plug on the high speed rail line. Monday’s vote included a provision to ask the Federal Railroad Administration to stop funding the project too. That passed by a vote of 5-4.

Palo Alto is opposed to an elevated line passing through the city, and called on the Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board to refuse to accept any aerial lines in cities in the peninsula that oppose them. The Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board also operates Caltrain. The meeting then adjourned to a closed door session, where councilmembers debated whether to sue the California High-Speed Rail Authority over what they consider to be an inadequate environmental impact report. No information has yet been obtained about the final result of that meeting.
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