Saturday was moving day for the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition. The offices were already packed up, and it was time to haul the desks and cabinets—and lots of paperwork and office supplies too—3.5 miles to the United Way Building in San Jose. U-Hauls weren’t an option either. These are cyclists after all, so the do-it-yourself trailers were attached to their bikes of course. 

There were no tandem bicycles either. Over a dozen volunteers came to help out with the move, and they we all veteran cyclists with plenty of pedal power between them. SVBC Executive Director Corrine Winter said that she hopes the site of a single biker hauling a desk or filing cabinet through downtown San Jose would serve as an inspiration to the people of San Jose to get out and bike more. After all, if they can lug a heavy piece of furniture using just the power of their own two legs and two wheels, there’s no reason other people can’t do it to pick up some milk at the local bodega.

And if you decide to move apartments, you know who to call …
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