It was a sad day indeed for San Jose eater extraordinaire Joey Chestnut.  The man who can swallow a dozen hotdogs in a single gulp, who eats pizza faster than the latest trash compactor, lost in a wing eating competition to a petite middle-aged masticator from Virginia. And not really a masticator. More a masticatorette.

At the National Buffalo Wing Festival held in, of all places, Buffalo, Chestnut certainly impressed the crowd by gobbling down 169 wings. But denizens of chicken coops everywhere beware. Sonya Thomas, 43, managed to take down 181 and win the coveted crown of feathers.

Thomas is an up-and-coming star in the fat-paced world of competitive eating. Weighing in at only 105 pounds, she’s already set new records for hard boiled eggs and jalapeno peppers, and for tasty things too, like cheese cake. Now she can add wings to her resume. As for Chestnut, it’s back to the gym, or in the case of competitive wing-eating, the nearest branch of Hooters.
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