It’s the law. Drivers may not speak on the phone while driving unless they are using a hands-free device. Police are cracking down, and have already issued 1,600 tickets across the Bay Area for people who fail to comply. Of these, 600 have been issued in Santa Clara County during the latest crackdown … and yesterday was only Day Two.

Unlike crackdowns on DUIs, which normally take place over the weekend and holidays, the hand-held cellphone crackdown is taking place during the week, and especially during high commuter times, when people are most likely to pick up their phones as they drive to and from work.

According to law enforcement officials in Santa Clara County, the most egregious offenders can be found in three cities: Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, and San Jose. So if you are driving and your phone rings, beware. The police are looking for you.
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