San Jose wants to annex Cambrian 36, an unincorporated bit of land just 103 acres in size, jutting into San Jose along the border with Campbell. The courts want the city to annex it too, and have ordered City Hall to annex various unincorporated areas around the county.

The problem is that no one has really asked the so residents of Cambrian 36 whether they want to be part of San Jose. Many of them want to join Campbell instead, but since there are only 1,000 residents, the community is considered to be too small to have a say in its own future.

That doesn’t mean they don’t have a voice though. On Thursday, some 60 local residents held a demonstration outside a community meeting protesting the proposed annexation. Their arguments have not changed since May: “San Jose already has budget problems, already has financial problem, already are going to cut their police and their fire services for the citizens that they already have in San Jose.”

The Planning Commission will be bringing the fate of Cambrian 36 before City Council this fall. There will likely be many protests ahead as the final decision approaches.
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