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Top Stories: May 20, 2010

Happily Married in San Jose; Heroic Latina Honored; SWAT Standoff

Cambrian: Part of San Jose?
On paper it would make sense. The 103 acres of Cambrian 36 is already surrounded by San Jose, except for a stretch along Highway 17, which belongs to Campbell. But the speck of Santa Clara County may or may not want to be part of San Jose. The issue will be decided by the 1,000 or so people who live there.

The problem revolves around urban services. A court order requires San Jose to annex a string of unincorporated pockets to ease the delivery of urban services. In most areas, the residents have a voice, but Cambrian 36 is too small to have a say, at least officially. Unofficially, they want to join Campbell, and say that they feel a closer affinity for that town.

Essentially, it's much ado about money. "San Jose already has budget problems, already has financial problem, already are going to cut their police and their fire services for the citizens that they already have in San Jose," says Cambrian resident Edith Csab. Other residents, like Aaron Ewing, simply prefer being part of a small town to joining America's tenth largest city. "We're happy with the ambiance of Campbell, relate to Campbell," he says.

The fate of Cambrian will be decided this fall, and could be appealed if the residents are unhappy. There may not be many of them, but perhaps they should be given the right to decide in the first place.
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Happily Married? Thank the City
There's love in the air in San Jose, and it's keeping couples together. San Jose was one of several California cities to get an A for marital bliss in a new survey released by … not by Bride's magazine, but by Men's Health. Other cities that got the coveted A grade for best and worst cities for divorce include Los Angeles, Fremont, Anaheim, and Santa Ana. San Francisco (and San Diego) got a B, while Oakland got a C, indicating where the real happiness lies in the Bay Area.

So where is marriage not a happy option? Well, Las Vegas for one. It may be the wedding chapital of the universe, but even having Elvis officiate at your wedding doesn't mean that it will last. Sad but true. A Star Trek wedding at the Tech Museum is much likelier to last the trials and tribulations of going where no married couple has gone before (which is an apt description of the sex life of most Star Trek fans).

Then there is rival state Arizona. Both Tucson and Phoenix got D's, while Scottsdale got an F. Maybe it's because a marriage license can't substitute for citizenship papers.
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Juana Briones Home Added to National Registry
To use a term coined by Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, Juana Briones was a wise Latina woman. A property owner since before statehood, Briones challenged the state's new property laws, which deprived many Mexican-American natives of their property. At stake was her rancho in Palo Alto, which she almost lost to the state. She fought for her right to keep her property all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court—and won.

The Juana Briones House in Palo Alto, which was slated to be demolished, has just been placed on the National Trust for Historic Preservation's list of the nation's most endangered historic places of preservation.

Today the house is privately owned, and its owners say they lack the money to do the necessary preservation. They are not, however, adverse to selling the property to someone who does. Until then, despite the new listing, the fate of the Juana Briones House remains in the lurch.
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SWAT Standoff Ends in Two Deaths
At 11:30 am Wednesday morning, the SJPD was called to investigate a disturbance at a townhouse on Rose Lane in East San Jose. When they arrived, shots were fired, so for four hours, the team waited outside, hoping to contact the suspect. At 3:30, after all attempts failed, they finally entered the house and found the bodies of a man and a woman. No information has yet been released about the victims.
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Some People …
The SJPD is searching for John Zeno Moore, a San Jose landlord who may have overstepped his boundaries. Moore allegedly used a hidden camera in the bathroom to secretly videotape women and children to whom he rented homes while they were … doing bathroom stuff. After searching his home, police say, they also found videotapes of Moore molesting a toddler. They are now investigating to see if there were any additional victims. Moore has managed to evade arrest so far.
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