Joan Baez’s first act of civil disobedience occurred in 1957, when she refused to leave her desk at Palo Alto High School after an air-raid drill. Students were supposed to go home to their air-raid shelters and pretend they were surviving an atomic blast, but even at 16, Baez saw through the propaganda. From then on, she’s proven again and again that music is powerful and can be used for social change.

Coming out of the folk moment of the late ‘50s and early ‘60s, she became the voice of a generation of activists. She is also has one of her generation’s flat-out best voices, wielding it on a string of gold records not only for political purposes but to popularize her favorite songs by other artists through the years, from Dylan (who she helped launch to stardom) to Steve Earle.

Thu. Aug. 12, 7pm
Montalvo Arts Center
15400 Montalvo Road, Saratoga

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