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Philip Glein Building - 1874

41 El Dorado St. (1898) - Shorty Bruntz' Cigar Factory
41 Post St. (2000) - Mac's Club

El Dorado St. must have been pungent indeed. One of the contributors was Shorty Bruntz' Cigar Factory. Keep in mind that in 1898 "ready-made" cigarettes were not yet widely distributed. Cigars were, for the most part, the sole delivery system for nicotene - what da'ya think of that smokers? When ciggies did arrive they were called "tailormades."You've come a long way baby.

Other odors: the heavenly scent of steamed beer wafting over the rooftops from The Eagle Brewery, fresh bread from Baltz' Bakery, the alluring aroma of Parisian perfume emanating from women of questionable virtue, and of course the lively odor of horses and their natural by-products.

Mac's Club arrived on the scene in 1999, and during the preparations for opening day an amazing discovery was uncorked - a sidewalk stairwell to a hidden basement level. (See next page)

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