John Olson, 1999

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41 El Dorado St. (1898) - Shorty Bruntz' Cigar Factory
41 Post St. (2000) - Mac's Club

Many business's in San Jose at this time had subterranean levels accessed from a stairwell at street level. When Mac's Club was renovating this building in 1999, such an arrangement was unearthed.

It is my understanding that hundreds of boxes of choice cigars were discovered during the excavation, perfectly preserved in the humid environment of their entombment. Close to the cigar boxes, a small urn was spotted containing the ashs of Shorty Bruntz. On the urn was one simple word, intended as his epitaph, "Aloha." Shorty had travelled to Hawaii as a small child with his parents. It was an experience that marked him deeply - all of his life he would speak of its wonders, but he would never see Hawaii again.

Aloha Shorty.

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