Photograph by Eric Carlson

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Prior to 23 May 1998 I had two significant Fairmont experiences.

1st Experience.
On a Sunday afternoon eight years ago, I stopped into the Lobby Lounge to "check it out." I was dressed more for the Pink Poodle than a pretentious cocktail lounge, nevertheless, I don't believe I was in violation of any city ordnance because of my attire.

To be perfectly candid, I had gone to the Pink Poodle earlier in the day only to find that it was closed on Sunday. The Lobby Lounge was my second choice.

It was a quiet afternoon. I took a table and observed the cocktail waitress milling about behind the bar. I was the only lizard in the lounge. After ten minutes of waiting it became apparent the waitress was not going to leave her station.

In those days they had large free-standing ash receptacles with white sand in which the Fairmont logo was pressed. On the way out I "erased" the logos in the ash trays.

Now there are only shabby "outdoors" ash receptacles.

2nd Experience.
Attended a wedding reception in one of the large upstairs banquet halls.

Walking to the Fairmont that evening I took note of many signs posted in the vicinity of the Fairmont reading "San Jose is Growing Up." Many of the signs had been defaced to read "San Jose is Throwing Up."

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