Eric Carlson, Oct 1999

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The best is saved for last. I have stumbled upon an actual vehicle used by the un-dead albinos of Alum Rock Park.

This albino spirit-vehicle is covered with the arcane glyphs of a master black-magician. References to ancient ritual and un-holy ceremony celebrate the cthonic spirits and unclean demons of the underworld.

The depiction of the horse-head relates to the most-foul demon-prayer of Churruhah Churchruchy Okrah Ackbak, which loosely translates to "O Ackbak, throttle the pigmented bastards who desecrate these grounds, and please, O please, just let one of them stay after dark."

I hastily returned to my car - without incident. But, I can't shake this chill.

Page 11 Page 12- Le Fin

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