Historical Atlas of Santa Clara County

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Prior to artificial realignment, the flow of the Guadalupe is indicated by the squiggly grey river that connects to the blue squiggly. The grey being the Guadalupe River and the "blue" the Guadalupe Slough.

An early realignment is indicated by the yellow branch of Steamboat Slough which was scraped out in the late 1800's. The "blue" portion of the Guadalupe Slough that connected to the Guadalupe River was filled in, therby separating the Guadalupe River from the Guadalupe Slough.

"Pink" indicates a later scrape of the Steamboat Slough extension. Though fouled with reed and grass, this is the current configuration.

The ancient "orange" arm of Steamboat Slough once extended further to the east and once connected to the Guadalupe River. Alviso (Steamboat) Slough was, indeed, the original slough to the bay for the Guadalupe River O so many years ago.

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