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Dine Downtown celebrates San Jose restaurants; Mission College expanded hospitality program
By Stett Holbrook (Jun 05, 2012)
IT HAS BEEN a tough couple of years for downtown San Jose restaurants. The ones still standing are true survivors. Now there is a chance to support downtown�s dining scene and these stalwart eateries: the second-annual Dine Downtown, June 2�12. The event showcases downtown San Jose restaurants and includes specially priced dinners at nearly two dozen downtown eateries, including [i]Morocco�s, Mezcal, La Pastaia, Billy Berk�s, 19 Market[/i] and [i]Arcadia[/i]. The 10-day event will feature special three-course menus priced from $20 to $40. More »
By Stett Holbrook (May 16, 2011)
In a city world famous for its restaurants, these are the ten best. More »
Mezcal offers a different and distinctive take on Mexican
By Stett Holbrook (Dec 17, 2011)
Last year was not great for new restaurants in Silicon Valley, but there were a few standout debuts. Near the top of my list is downtown San Jose's Mezcal. More »
Chef Glenn Thompson of Bayonne preaches the gospel of healthy Southern food. Dont laugh; hes done it.
By Stett Holbrook (Dec 12, 2011)
Chef Glenn Gator Thompson is on a mission to show the world that its possible to make healthy Southern food without sacrificing flavor. He hopes his cooking will serve as an example to his overweight brethren in the South that one of the countrys most distinctive regional cuisine need not be hazardous to your health. The platform for his mission is Bayonne restaurant in downtown San Jose. This is a restaurant to get the word out and give back. More »
At last, with Menlo Parks Madera, the high rollers of Silicon Alley has a restaurant to call their own
By Stett Holbrook (Jul 12, 2010)
Walking into the comfortable, luxurious Madera restaurant past the gleaming Lexuses, BMWs and Mercedes Benzes lined up by the valet attendants, one enters a world where Silicon Valleys high-tech high rollers come to eat and drink and be seen doing it. Madera is located in the Rosewood Sand Hill Hotel complex on what was a dirt lot at the corner of Interstate 280 and Sand Hill Road. Sand Hill Road, as you may know, is main street for Silicon Valleys venture capital firms and during the dot com boom it boasted real estate prices higher than Manhattan. More »
Its time to stop using bags and start recycling or food containerseven takeout
By Stett Holbrook (Jul 11, 2010)
ONCE you start paying attention to something you see it everywhere or hear about it all the time? Lately, for example, Ive become interested in Volkswagen Westphalia syncro camper vans. Theyre typical VW camper vans except they have four-wheel drive and are built on a heavy-duty, military-style chassis. They are the ultimate Baja surf-expedition vehicle. Anyway, even though they are somewhat rare, now that Im clued into them, I see a few of the burly vans every week. More »
David Fellers new website allows users to pick their own likes and dislikes
By Stett Holbrook (Jul 05, 2010)
DAVID FELLER dislikes mustard. A lot. But he loves technology and food. So its not surprising that the former eBay and StumbleUpon executive helped create a website that would feed his interest in cooking and help him avoid the dreaded yellow condiment., which debuted last week, allows users to search a database of some 500,000 recipes using a host of filters for things like ingredients, allergies, price and preparation time. If someone doesnt like mustard or, say, cilantro, they simply enter that term and will never see a recipe with those ingredients again. More »
From Sent Sovi in Saratoga to Tigelleria in Campbellgreat desserts abound
By Stett Holbrook (Jul 04, 2010)
DESSERTS are not Silicon Valleys strong suit. Mediocre crme brle, ho-hum sliced chocolate cake and uninspired, oversweetened fruit desserts abound. But dig a little deeper, and one can find a few outposts of creativity. Saratogas Sent Sovi features an appealing patio menu and equally appealing desserts like the caramel corn: popcorn-flavored mousse, brown-butter almond cakes and caramelized bananas. More »
Lance Wagner of Little Lous in Los Gatos now sells his barbecue sauce in local stores and at San Jose Giants games
By Stett Holbrook (Jun 29, 2010)
THERE IS more than barbecued ribs and chicken cooking at Little Lous Barbecue in Los Gatos. Sales of the restaurants barbecue sauce are smoking. Little Lous owner, Lance Wagner, had been selling his regular and spicy barbecue sauce out the restaurant for years. Encouraged by friends and customers, he decided to try to put his stuff on the shelves of local stores. More »
San Joses pot clubs offer a variety of tasty ways to make the medicine go down
By Stett Holbrook (Jun 23, 2010)
AS Metros food editor, its my job to stay on top of food trends in Silicon Valley. Gourmet taco trucks? Im there. Farm-to-table restaurants. All over it. A new Somali restaurant? On it. Recently, Ive caught the whiff of a new culinary phenomena that has San Jose buzzing: pot club cuisine. More »
Stett Holbrook's Articles
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