San Jose (Midtown) Restaurants

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Yard House

300 Santana Row, San Jose, CA 95128 (Map)

Yard House is the creation of founder and entrepreneur Steele Platt, who came up with the concept shortly after relocating from Denver to …

+1 408.241.9273

Zions Restaurant and Lounge

398 South Bascom, San Jose, CA 95128 (Map)

Zions Restaurant & Lounge serves Authentic Mediterranean Food.  This restaurant brings to life a 50 year family tradition.  Zions…

+1 408.293.7373

Hot Tamales

3055 Olin Avenue , San Jose, CA 95128 (Map)

Mexican. When it comes to quality mexican food, California has long established itself as a worthy substitute for the real thing down in…


The Breakfast Club

1432 W San Carlos St #80, San Jose, CA 95126 (Map)

+1 408.564.7150

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