New Stories from the Edge of Asia: Tabaimo

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The galleries at SJMA are undergoing a transformation. Tabaimo, the Japanese artist best known in the United States for her video installations, is about to open a new exhibit there. As part of the series "New Stories from the Edge of Asia", Tabaimo: Her Room will feature her drawings, and three animations-two of which will be showing in the U.S. for the first time. Her videos are both immersive and interactive: they cause an itch in the mind. The familiar (a dollhouse) takes a quick turn toward the disturbing (an invasion of octopuses). You're in for a trip. The outcome, whether good or bad, will depend entirely on your particular state of mind. (JE)

SJMA will present the first solo museum exhibition in the United States of the renowned Japanese artist Tabaimo. Tabaimo creates alluring, large-scale, surreal animations that unfold from everyday objects and experiences such as train rides or dollhouses. The resulting installations immerse the viewers in an ever-changing environment.

She creates her animations from thousands of drawings made with traditional Japanese calligraphy brushes, and her imagery recalls Edo-period ukiyo-e prints and makes oblique reference to manga, anime, and Japanese pop culture. The exhibition will include Tabaimo's video installations aitaisei-josei, yundangami, and danDan, as well as site specific wall drawings she will create for San Jose.

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San Jose Museum of Art
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